Why Does Broly Hate Goku?



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December 5, 2021

Now, something that many of the Dragon Ball fans find confusing is the reason why Broly hates Goku?

And there have been plenty of speculations made on what the reasons might be and everyone seems to have a different back story about the events that led to Broly’s hatred against Goku.

But if we take a close look at the events from the past, specifically the first time both the super Saiyans came face to face, or let’s just say cradle to cradle.

The First Encounter

If we go back to the beginning, we know that both Broly and Goku were born on the same day and they were put inside cradles beside each other and spent some time that and during that time Goku would often start crying which would make Broly cry as well out of annoyance.

As small as this reason sounds, it is probably the only memory Broly has of Goku from childhood and it’s not a good one. but is it the only reason why Broly hates Goku so much?

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Broly’s Rough Childhood

One thing that makes sense about why Broly would hate Goku so much is the fact that Broly had a very rough childhood as he was stabbed and left to die on an abandoned planet with his father by King Vegeta.

It was a very traumatic experience of his childhood that he subconsciously connected to the only memory of Goku and now every time he sees him, the traumatic memories of his past come crushing back at him which is why Broly hates Goku so much.

To put this in simple words, Broly hates Goku so much because he is a reminder of his traumatic past which is something he wants to get over.

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