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October 3, 2022

Geometry dash is rhythm-based platform gaming, developed by Swedish game developer (Robert Topala) and is one of the games from series of 5  video games. The game has currently 21 official level and a game creation level enables players to enjoy almost about 50 million online levels. It is available for many platform such as PC, Laptop, Android, and iOS. Simply download Geometry Dash APK for android devices.

geometry dash review


Icon or object which is mostly a geometrical shape move on a track and players have to touch on the screen of their phone or click/press mouse/keyboard button to make the object jump and avoid obstacles in its way. This all is accompanied by sound tracks while playing and players have to synchronize icon’s movement with respect to soundtrack. User cannot control the speed of the object. Timing is the most important factor a player has to keep in mind. Ones hit with an obstacle a player has to play from the very beginning. The object of the game is to complete level and there are 21 officially available levels. 18 of which are available for game-play from the beginning. Each level has a reward granted to player when finished. Each level has 3 secrect coins which are used to unlock new levels and levels are classified according to difficulty and each difficulty gives a certain numbers of star depending upon level of difficulty. Players are able to play levels in any order. There is also a ‘in game shop’ available where players can buy items by utilizing in game currency called ‘mana ords’. Practice mode is made available for players to practice where they can place checkpoints from which they will start playing if hit with an obstacle. But rewards will be only granted if levels are completed in official game-play andnot in practice mode.


As mentioned above that game is rthym-based so players will enjoy soundtracks of foreverbound, DJVI, Waterflame, DJNet, F-777, Dexarson amd MKD. Apart from official songs; songs are also available to be used in game from NEWGROUNDS portal and to avoid any kind of misusage(in terms of abusing the portal) of the portal Robtop.

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