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December 5, 2021

Tiny Goo is an upcoming mobile game for both iOS & Android that is in development by Boingware. The game itself revolves around a character called Goo, and as Goo, you must reach the end of the level while trying to get the highest score, but itโ€™s not that simple. While trying to reach the end of the level, you must dodge obstacles, while trying to be eaten by the monster that follows you.


This is a challenging game and a game that not many people will be able to pass. The design of the game takes you back to the 8 Bit era with its beautifully crated pixel graphics and its amazing backdrops to make the game feel more alive and colorful.


If youโ€™re looking for a game that will really test your skill as a casual gamer, then Tiny Goo is the game for you. Visit www.tinygoo.com today to find out more and stay up to date on the release date for this addictive game.

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