Video Games in Quarantine & How a Small Independent Mobile Company is taking over the scene



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August 17, 2020

Mobile App Gaming

In the competition to many mobile game developers, Mobile App Gaming is an independent publishing company that develops high-quality video games on the Android and IOS platforms.

The company comprises of a small, passionate and devoted team, that is working remotely from different parts of the world due to COVID. The team is responsible for creating 3D mobile app games for our gamers, inhibiting unique features, and attractive graphics like no other!

Ski Wars

Our latest project Ski Wars is an epic, punishing side-scroller in a hopeless, painterly dark fantasy universe. This game is a new type of battle arena game for mobile. It is designed to be a 3D spectacle game based on Cloud’s robust technology providing the players with Triple AAA Game experience. The game is aimed to comprise a virtual battle mode, in which the players will form teams and battle against each other using the latest war strategies and state-of-the-art weapons.

Speaking of gameplay Ski Wars is much more superior and is free from all the limitations present in modern 3D games! Like PUBG, Call of Duty, and open fire, etc. In which the players are spread into the battlefield where they fight until one of them survives and is declared as the winner. Ski Wars would totally be a team game and will be played with great teamwork. All major games like PUBG, Call of Duty, etc., have safe zones, which are marked by circles. These safe zones keep shrinking and staying outside of them leads to the killing of a player. However, in Ski Wars, players would be free to roam and kill the enemies.

Existing Games

Mobile App Gaming is not into the mobile gaming world and has already launched three games for Apple users. These games include Bottle Flip Takeoff, Get Out Challenge 3D, and Pipsqueaks Merry Christmas. All these games have received great interest from the users of all ages. In bottle flip, the player is supposed to toss the bottle up in the air and then jump from pad to pad, while avoiding the robot. The ultimate goal is to get the green slime chair. It comes with weekly contests and has more than 100 plus levels.

Pipsqueaks Merry Christmas, on the hand, is a swap ad win game. You play as a penguin who matches the three tiles and win exciting prizes. It is a fun game to play during the Christmas holidays as its interface is Christmas themed.

Get Out Challenge 3D is a highly entertaining game that demands intellect and sharp thinking. Play as a single member or a leader of a team and make your way out of the trouble before it’s too late.

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