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November 9, 2022

Game Development requires a lot of skills that work together in a harmony to make good games and if we talk about 3D games then one of the most important phases of development is 3D modeling. Now as for the big companies, they have a team that includes qualified 3D modelers for designing and modeling the environment as well as the characters.

But as for indie game developers, 3D modeling becomes a challenge even if we talk about the small scale games that use simple shapes for modeling or what we refer to as voxels or voxel models, as seen in popular games like Minecraft and Roblox.

  • Voxels made easy with Voxel Canvas

Even though Voxels are made up of simple shapes, we still need to use the same 3D modeling tools which is a complete stretch and total waste of resources, not to mention these tools arenโ€™t easily supported by low-end PCs.

But luckily, With Voxel Canvas everyone can make voxels on their devices online as it is lightweight and supports all kinds of devices be it high-end PCs or smartphones as long as their browser supports it.

What is Voxel Canvas?

Voxel Canvas is an online web-based modeling tool for creating voxels. You can model, color, capture, and share your voxels with other creators around the world.

The Voxel Canvas tool offers a variety of features including :

  • Creating, editing, and deleting the voxels.
  • Coloring your voxel models.
  • You can also apply various image effects to make your models look even more impressive.
  • You can change the background to better match your voxel models.
  • Save your models online privately with your own account once you signup.
  • Share your voxels with your team members or friends to get feedback.
  • The best part is Voxel Canvas lets you download your model in either.OBJ or.GLB format that you can then use in any game engine or other 3D modeling platforms if you want.

Sounds promising right? Voxel Canvas is completely free, so go ahead and unleash your creativity on the canvas and make great models for your game or anything you like!

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