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Dual Family




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November 26, 2022

Role play genre has always had a special place in our hearts, and for very good reasons. First, it’s home to some of the most diverse video games that will surely keep you hooked for hours of fun gameplay. And if you are a fan of RPG games looking for another dose, Dual Family Apk might be the game for you. It’s a choice-driven RPG visual novel that has gained much popularity for its thrilling gameplay.

Dual Family Apk has you exploring two different stories, from two completely different perspectives in a small family. You can either choose to play as a son or the father character. Each of these characters will offer you a completely different experience. And the best part is you can play as one and jump to the next for another dose of role-playing adventure.

dual family apk download
dual family apk download

About Dual Family Apk

Dual Family Apk is a visual novel that revolves around the story of a family where you can choose to be a son or a father to enjoy two different stories from entirely different perspectives. The game features mature interfamilial relationships between the male and female members of the Family. As a son, you would develop feelings for your mother, and as Father, you would get into a relationship with your daughter.

However, you can choose how these relationships develop by the choices you make. The game would often place you in difficult situations and let you choose how you want the story to progress. Each choice you make will have consequences for you and other family members related to you. I am not going to go into detail about the story and will just let you experience it firsthand.

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Dual Family Apk Features

The game offers various features that are fun to explore and add to its overall depth. We have made a list of some of the major features that you get to enjoy with Dual Family Apk.

  • Unique Stories

One of the best things about this game is that you get to experience two completely different stories. This allows you to play the game multiple times as a son and a father. 

  • Ad-Free Gameplay

Unlike other visual novel games, Dual Family Apk offers an ad-free gaming experience without any interruptions. You can enjoy the whole game without worrying about those annoying pop-ups.

  • Stunning Visuals

Dual Family Apk offers a compelling story, but the stunningly gorgeous visuals make everything much more exciting. The characters look so beautiful with immersive animations.

How to Download and Install Dual Family Apk?

If you are ready to start this new adventure, it’s time we talk about how to get this game on your android device. And luckily, it’s super; all you need to do is follow these few simple steps to download and install Dual Family Apk on your phone.

  1. You first need to click on the Download Button at the top of this page. 
  2. If this is your first time downloading a third-party application, you might need to go to Settings and “allow downloads from unknown sources.”
  3. Once the download is finished, click on the APK file to start the installation process.
  4. Once it’s done, you will find the “Dual Family” app on your home screen.

Is Dual Family Apk Worth Playing?

There are so many different role-playing video games out there, but there’s something that makes Dual Family stand out from the crowd. Be it the dual-character gameplay with other stories or the fact that the game gives you the freedom to develop relationships according to your own choices, and there’s so much that this game offers. 

Even when it comes to graphics quality, Dual Family offers stunningly gorgeous visuals with beautiful characters. So, this game is definitely worth playing. However, remember that the game features incest, which might not be appropriate for some players.

Dual Family Apk FAQs

Is Dual Family Apk Safe for Kids?

Dual Family Apk features relationships between family members that might not be appropriate for kids. However, you can play the game without any issues if you are an adult.

Is Dual Family Apk free?

Yes! You can play Dual Family Apk for free without ads or additional pop-ups. 

On a PC Can you play Dual Family PC?

Dual Family is primarily a mobile game, but you can play it on a PC using an emulator such as Gameloop or Bluestack.


Dual Family Apk offers two different perspectives on inter-family relationships and lets you make choices that will determine how these relationships develop and the story unfolds. The idea behind the game is excellent, and the developers have done an impressive job of creating an immersive environment. It’s definitely worth trying out if you love visual novels with a good story.

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